Name a Pension Beneficiary

Naming a beneficiary helps to ensure your benefits are paid as you wish when you die. It can also save your heirs time and money.

Your Spouse or Common-law Partner, and in certain circumstances any Dependent Children, are automatically entitled to receive survivor benefits under the Pension Plan. A named beneficiary is applicable in the absence of a Spouse or Common-law Partner or eligible Dependent Children. In the absence of a named beneficiary, your survivor benefits would be paid to your estate.

You may designate a pension beneficiary at any time by completing a Declaration of Pension Beneficiary form. IMPORTANT: This form must be SIGNED IN INK and witnessed for it to be valid. The original signed copy of the form must be submitted to us by mail or delivered in person. Copies sent by fax or email will not be accepted.

To check what beneficiary information we currently have on file, refer to your Annual Statement of Benefits (active employees, deferred members) or your retirement package (pensioners), or contact us.

Group Life Insurance

Life insurance benefits are governed by different rules than pension benefits. If you are a member of the City of Winnipeg—Civic Employees’ Group Life Insurance Plan, you should also complete a separate Designation of Beneficiary form for your Group Life Insurance benefits. More information and a copy of that form can be found on the Group Life Insurance website.