Leave of Absence

The Pension Plan allows you to continue to earn Credited Service during a leave of absence by continuing to make pension contributions during the leave.  It is also possible, if you have a period of employment with a Participating Employer for which you did not earn Credited Service, to purchase this service at retirement.

Leave with pay—You must continue to contribute to the Pension Plan as usual, and will continue to earn Credited Service in the Pension Plan.

Leave without pay—If you are on an approved leave without pay for longer than 10 days, you may choose to continue to make pension contributions and continue to earn pension credit in the Pension Plan.  If you do not make contributions during your leave, you may purchase your service within the 30-day period immediately prior to your retirement date. To do this, you must make the lump-sum contribution required to pay the full actuarial cost of the additional benefit you will receive.  Periods of lay-off are not eligible for past service purchase.